where to buy dyson vacuum parts


Dyson vacuums are one of the most popular choices when it comes to cleaning devices. They are known for their powerful suction and innovative technology, making them a favorite among homeowners. However, like all appliances, Dyson vacuums require maintenance and replacement parts to ensure they continue to function effectively. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of maintaining and replacing parts, common issues that require parts replacement, and where to buy Dyson vacuum parts.

Recognizing The Need For Dyson Vacuum Parts

Common issues that require replacement parts

When using a Dyson vacuum, some parts may wear out or break down over time, resulting in an inefficient cleaning process. Some of the most common parts that require replacement include the filter, belt, hose, brush, and battery. If any of these parts start malfunctioning or break, it’s important to replace them immediately to avoid further damage to the machine.

Signs that indicate a worn-out part

There are several signs that indicate a worn-out Dyson vacuum part. For example, if the suction power of the machine decreases, it could be due to a clogged filter or a worn-out brush. Additionally, if the vacuum’s motor starts making unusual sounds or the machine vibrates excessively, it may be time to replace the belt or other parts.

Where to Buy Dyson Vacuum Parts

Official Dyson website

The official Dyson website is undoubtedly the most reliable place to buy authentic Dyson vacuum parts. The website offers a large selection of parts and accessories, including filters, hoses, brushes, batteries, and more. Additionally, they provide detailed information about each product, making it easier to identify the necessary parts.

Steps To Order Parts From The Website

  • Visit the Dyson website and navigate to the “Shop” section
  • Select the part you need and click “Add to basket”.
  • Proceed to checkout and fill in your billing and shipping information
  • Confirm your order and wait for the package to arrive

Third-Party Retailers

Third-party retailers are another excellent option for purchasing Dyson vacuum parts. These retailers include online stores and brick-and-mortar shops that specialize in vacuum parts and accessories. However, it is important to ensure that the parts sold by these retailers are authentic and compatible with your Dyson model.

List of popular third-party retailers for Dyson parts

  • Walmart.com
  • Bestbuy.com
  • Amazon.com
  • eBay.com
  • Vacuum parts stores such as eVacuumStore and Vacuum Direct

Pros and cons of buying from third-party retailers

The main advantage of buying from third-party retailers is that their prices are often lower than those offered by the official Dyson website. However, the disadvantage is that there is a risk of buying counterfeit or incompatible parts. Therefore, it’s important to read product reviews and check seller ratings before making a purchase.

Local Vacuum Stores

Your local vacuum store is a great place to buy Dyson vacuum parts. These stores specialize in vacuum repairs and maintenance and have an extensive range of parts and accessories. Additionally, buying from a local store supports small businesses within your community, which is always a plus.

Advantages of buying from a local store

  • Personalized service and expert guidance during the purchase process
  • Quick and easy access to parts and accessories
  • Support for small businesses in your community.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Amazon and e-Bay provide an extensive selection of Dyson vacuum parts and accessories. However, shopping through these websites comes with some risks, such as encountering scams or buying counterfeit products.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying from an online marketplace

The advantage of buying from online marketplaces is that it’s fast, convenient, and offers a huge selection of products. However, there is a risk of buying counterfeit products or being scammed by unscrupulous sellers. Therefore, research the seller’s ratings and check the product reviews before making a purchase.


Keeping your Dyson vacuum in optimal condition requires regular maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts. Whether you choose to purchase from the official Dyson website, third-party retailers, or local vacuum stores, it’s important to ensure that the parts are authentic and compatible with your Dyson model. By following these tips and taking care of your Dyson vacuum, you can expect it to work reliably for years to come.

People also ask

Where can I buy Dyson Vacuum parts?

You can buy Dyson Vacuum parts from authorized Dyson retailers, online marketplaces like Amazon, or directly from the Dyson website.

Do I need to buy Dyson parts directly from the Dyson website?

No, you can buy Dyson Vacuum parts from authorized retailers and online marketplaces. However, buying directly from the Dyson website guarantees authentic parts and access to customer support.

What types of Dyson Vacuum parts are available for purchase?

Dyson Vacuum parts available for purchase include filters, hoses, brush bars, attachments, and replacement batteries.

How can I ensure that I am buying authentic Dyson Vacuum parts?

Always buy Dyson Vacuum parts from authorized retailers or the Dyson website to ensure that you are getting authentic, high-quality parts.

What if I am not sure which part I need?

You can use the Dyson website’s “parts finder” tool to help you identify the correct part for your Dyson Vacuum model. Alternatively, you can contact Dyson customer support for assistance.

Can I return Dyson Vacuum parts if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

Return policies vary depending on the retailer or marketplace where the parts were purchased. Dyson also has a return policy for parts purchased directly from their website. Be sure to check the return policy before making a purchase.