where is the model number on a dyson cordless vacuum


Hook: If you own a Dyson Cordless Vacuum, you understand the importance of having a reliable cleaning device. However, do you know why it’s crucial to identify its model number?

Brief explanation: This article will provide you with valuable information on why knowing the model number of your Dyson Cordless Vacuum is essential, where to find it, and what to do with it.

Explanation of why it’s important: The Dyson Cordless Vacuum offers various models, and each provides specific features and functions. Knowing the model number allows you to differentiate between the different models and understand its functionality. Plus, identifying the specific model number can help you access customer service support and order replacement parts if necessary.

Why is it important to know the Model Number of a Dyson Cordless Vacuum?

Understanding the functionality: If you know your Dyson Cordless Vacuum’s model number, you can investigate its functionality, such as battery life, filter quality, suction power, and attachments to deal with specific cleaning tasks. This knowledge can help you maximize cleaning performance and ensure that each model is perfect for the cleaning job you require.

Identifying the specific model: Knowing your Dyson Cordless Vacuum’s model number can help track warranty information, check compatible accessories, and improve the repair process. Dyson offers various Cordless Vacuum models, and identifying the specific model number can help you determine the proper vacuum for your needs.

Accessing Customer Service support: If you register your Dyson Cordless Vacuum online with your model information, customer service can provide better support for any maintenance or cleaning queries or help you access technical support when needed.

Where to Find the Model Number on a Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Location of the serial number on the device: The serial number is a unique identifier specific to the device located on the vacuum cleaner’s main body below the power button.

Finding the model number on the device’s packaging: The packaging contains a sticker with product specifications, including the model number.

Finding the model number on the device’s manual: The product manual for your Dyson Cordless Vacuum includes the model number in the technical information section.

What to Do with the Model Number once You’ve Found It

Useful online resources: The Dyson website provides manuals, user-guides, download parts lists, and other useful information based on the model specificities.

How to order replacement parts: If you need to replace any part, make sure you have the correct model number to order compatible parts, and avoid making a wrong purchase

How to access customer service: Registering your device and using the corresponding website can help you obtain customer support, service and technical help when necessary.


Recap of the importance: Knowing the Dyson Cordless Vacuum model number is vital for understanding its unique features and functionalities, accessing customer service support when needed, and purchasing replacement parts.

Where to find the model number: The model number can be located on the device, packaging, and manual.

Suggestions for further reading: For further exploration of Dyson Cordless Vacuum products, you could check their webpage, research user reviews, or consider innovative cleaning technologies, such as Lightcycle Morph or the V11.

People also ask

Where is the model number on a Dyson cordless vacuum?

The model number of a Dyson cordless vacuum can be found in the following locations:

Where to find the model number?

The model number can be found on the side of the machine, on a label underneath the clear bin or on the rating plate on the wand.

What is the clear bin?

The clear bin is the transparent part of the vacuum cleaner that holds the dust and debris. You can find the label with the model number underneath the clear bin.

What is the wand?

The wand is the long, curved piece that extends from the main body of the vacuum cleaner. The rating plate with the model number is usually located on the wand.

Why do I need to know the model number?

The model number is essential to identify the correct parts and accessories for your vacuum cleaner, particularly when ordering replacement items. Also, it helps to ensure that you receive the correct customer service and support for your specific model.