best handheld vacuum sealer consumer reports worth the money in 2023

I recently had the opportunity to test out the best handheld vacuum sealer consumer reports had to offer. After doing a lot of research, I decided to try out this particular model and was pleasantly surprised with the results. It is a small, lightweight device and has a wide range of features for its size. I was particularly impressed with the suction power, as it was able to quickly and effectively remove air from my containers, helping to keep food fresher for longer. I also liked the fact that it was easy to use, as the controls are clearly labeled and the instruction manual was well written and detailed. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to keep their food fresher for longer.

There are a lot of different products on the market, so it can be tough to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together a Top 10 list of best handheld vacuum sealer consumer reports

List of 10 best handheld vacuum sealer consumer reports

SaleBestseller No. 1
Vacuum Sealer Machine, Full Automatic Food Sealer (95Kpa), vacuum sealers bags for food Air Sealing System for Food Sealer Dry, Moist Food Preservation Modes, Lab Tested, LED Indicator Lights
  • 【Exclusive Design】automatic vacuum sealer has a sleek design and fashionable color that fits perfectly into contemporary design aesthetics. Compact size and lightweight design are easy to store and move around
  • 【One-Touch-Operation】Designed with fully automatic vacuum sealing operation. Just put the bag into the machine, choose the Dry/Moist mode, it will start to vacuum and seal automatically. You can take off the upper lid to clean the sealer machine easily & safely
  • 【5 Adjustable Modes】Dry/Moist/VAC/External VAC/Seal. Just put your bag into the machine, choose the Dry/Moist mode, it will start to vacuum and seal automatically. within VAC mode, you can control the vacuum time to fit whatever you seal. Provide your food with the best possible preservation based on your different types
  • 【User-Friendly Experience】sealer machine designed with fully automatic vacuum sealing operation, All stainless steel panel, LED indicator lights, electric plug in and the digital touch controls panel provides a user-friendly experience for you
  • 【External Vacuum Function】Come with 10 vacuum sealer bags, 2 accessory ports to be used for sealing wide-mouth canning jars, such as jars, wine bottle, and a marinating canister for quickly marinating meats. Our attachments are compatible with most models
Bestseller No. 2
FEPPO Mini Bag Sealer, 2 in 1 Bag Sealer Heat Seal with Cutter, Portable Vacuum Sealer Handheld Bag Resealer Machine with Lanyard for Plastic Bags Food Snack Storage (Batteries Included)
  • Bag Sealer with Cutter: This mini chip bag sealer combines sealing and cutting functions in one. One head for sealing, one head for cutting.
  • No Preheating Required: One press to work, just turn on the chip bag sealer then press and slowly slide the bag to sealing without preheating, makes this mini sealer very convenient to use.
  • Portable and Convenient: This mini bag sealer is small and portable, with magnetic strip and lanyard design, you can put it in your hand or bags easily, or you can hang it on refrigerator and any iron product or hung on the hook.
  • Keep the Food Fresh: You can re-seal the original bags with this chip bag sealer, keep foods and snacks fresher, isolating air and reduce waste. your healthier family's good helper !
  • What you get: 1 x FEPPO Mini Bag Sealer, 2 x AA Batteries, 1 x Use Manual, and 24 hours friendly service, if any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide perfect after-sales service.
Bestseller No. 3
FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection, Sealer Bags and Roll, and Handheld Vacuum Sealer for Airtight Food Storage and Sous Vide, Black
  • STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR: Food preserved with the FoodSaver System in the freezer can last up to 3 years and still taste fresh, flavorful, and freezer-burn free. Prep-ahead meals, leftovers, and produce stored in the fridge will stay fresh up to weeks later instead of spoiling in days.Cord Length (IN): 24.‎Special Features: Alcohol-Free
  • YIELDS MORE BAGS: Designed to minimize bag waste compared to previous FoodSaver models; features a built-in roll cutter so you can create custom-sized bags without using scissors
  • VERY CONSISTENT SEALING: Equipped with dual heat sealing strips, it's guaranteed to reach an optimal vacuum level and airtight seal. The FM2100 is durable, high quality, and backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • COMPATIBLE WITH FRESH HANDHELD SEALER & OTHER ACCESSORIES: Attach the handheld sealer (sold separately) with the accessory hose included with your machine to start preserving food in the refrigerator and pantry with FoodSaver Zipper Bags and Fresh Containers (sold separately)
  • INCLUDES: (1) 11" x 10' vacuum seal roll, (3) 1-quart pre-cut vacuum seal bags, (2) 1-gallon pre-cut vacuum seal bags, and (1) accessory hose
SaleBestseller No. 4
FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Machine | PowerVac Compact Vacuum Sealer | Vertical Storage | Stainless Steel & Black | VS0150
  • KEEP FOOD FRESH LONGER: This PowerVac Vacuum Sealer keeps food fresh in the freezer up to 5x longer compared to ordinary storage methods—and helps prevent freezer burn as well
  • VERTICAL STORAGE: Space-saving unit stores vertically in the kitchen to save you valuable countertop space
  • LESS BAG WASTE: Seals with 35% less bag waste compared to previous FoodSaver models, so you can get the most out of your FoodSaver bags
  • CUSTOM SETTINGS FOR WET AND DRY ITEMS: Equipped with 2 custom settings—Dry and Moist—to ensure an airtight seal is achieved regardless of the type of food
  • MORE FEATURES: Built-in bag alignment drip tray ensures correct bag placement every time and is removable for easy cleanup; connect to a FoodSaver Handheld Sealer (sold separately) to preserve food stored in the fridge and pantry; compatible with all other FoodSaver bags, rolls, and accessories
SaleBestseller No. 5
Potane Vacuum Sealer Machine, 85kPa Pro Vacuum Food Sealer, 8-in-1 Easy Presets, 4 Food Modes, Dry&Moist&Soft&Delicate with Starter Kit, Compact Design(Silver)…
  • KEEP FOOD FRESHER & SAVE MONEY: The POTANE VS2690 vacuum sealers use enhanced heating wires and brushless motor. While other barginbrands use small heating wires and cheaper motor, That's why we ensure a 2-year no-hassle return guarantee and 5-year warranty, save your money by choosing a trustworthy machine.
  • 8-In-1 EASY PRESETS&SMART CONTROL SYSTEM: 4 operation modes and four vacuum sealing modes. It can precisely FEEL and vacuum according to the type of foods.
  • SLOPING TOP DESIGN: The sloping top design prevents the juice from being drawn out while vacuuming foods like meat. It also ensures the vacuum sealer bags to be fully used.
  • ETL TESTED & CERTIFIED: The POTANE vacuum sealer is ETL certified by Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTLs) for compliance with applicable product safety standards, SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Vacuum Sealer Machine, KOIOS Automatic Food Sealer with Cutter, Dry & Moist Modes, Compact Design Powerful Suction Air Sealing System with 10 Sealing Bags & Air Suction Hose
  • 【Reliable Vacuum Sealer】This KOIOS vacuum sealer machine can complete the vacuum sealing in 8-12 seconds. It can keep food fresh for 8 times longer. Not only save your time and money, but also enhance the freshness of your meals.
  • 【Wet/Dry Mode with One Touch】Just put your bag into the machine, and choose the Dry/Moist mode, it will start to vacuum and seal automatically.Tips: It will take a longer time to seal moist food than dry food.
  • 【External Manual VAC】The vacuum packing machine can be connected to the crisper containers, bags, and wine stopper via the vacuum tube to reduce oxidation or prevent evaporating. With the Manual and Seal buttons, you can control the vacuum time and seal to keep the shape of the food.
  • 【Built-in Cutter Design】The electric food vacuum sealer machine built-in a sliding cutter, you can get a smoother customized bag by just cutting it. Tips: Press down the cutter button hard, then slide it to cut.
  • 【Compact & Easy Storage】The automatic vacuum sealer has a Compact size and lightweight design, which fits easily into lockers and drawers. 12" maximum sealing length allows you to seal multiple bags in one sealing time.
SaleBestseller No. 7
FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection, Sealer Bags and Roll, and Handheld Vacuum Sealer for Airtight Food Storage and Sous Vide, Silver
  • Keep food fresh in the freezer up to 5x longer and in the fridge or pantry up to 2x longer, compared to ordinary storage methods.Cord Length (IN): 30
  • Automatic bag detection and vacuum sealing means two quick and easy steps to seal and save
  • Handheld sealer seals FoodSaver zipper bags, canisters, and containers, and marinates food in minutes
  • Pull-out drip tray drawer with patented removable dishwasher-safe drip tray helps keep your counters clean
  • 5 year limited warranty
SaleBestseller No. 8
GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Food Sealer, Starter Kit|Led Indicator Lights|Easy to Clean|Dry & Moist Food Modes| Compact Design (Silver)
  • Food vacuum sealer removes air from specially designed bags. Multi- layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn, reduces spoilage and food waste. And cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical and faster
  • Two Sealing Modes: Geryon vacuum food sealer is designed with two selectable modes to provide your food with best possible preservation based on your different types of food. You can also reseal bags of rolls, snacks that you only want to seal
  • Separated Design: you can take off the upper lid to clean the sealer machine easily & safely. Compact size and lightweight design are easy to store and move around. Fits up to 12" width Geryon or other brand vacuum sealer bags and rolls
  • Geryon sealer machine designed with fully automatic vacuum sealing operation, soft touch digital buttons, LED indicator lights, electric plug in and the control center placed on the top panel provides a user- friendly experience for its operator
  • Fully Starter Kits: 1x Air suction hose,5 x Heat-seal bags (7.8"*11.8"),1 x roll (7.8"*78"),1xUser Manual, 1 x Vacuum Sealer; Manufacturer's Lifetime Support
Bestseller No. 9
MegaWise Vacuum Sealer Machine | 80kPa Suction Power| Bags and Cutter Included | Compact One-Touch Automatic Food Sealer with External Vacuum System | Dry Moist Fresh Modes for All Saving needs
  • Mega ReliabilityWe treat you like family, and we want you to be 100% happy! With any questions, please reach out to us, and our wonderful people will be there for you.

What is best handheld vacuum sealer consumer reports

As a consumer, I have been looking for a reliable handheld vacuum sealer to keep my food fresh and safe for longer. After researching on consumer reports, I decided to buy the best handheld vacuum sealer on the market.

The vacuum sealer I chose is an advanced model with a number of features that make it worth the investment. It comes with a powerful motor that can vacuum seal bags in less than a minute. The sealer also has an adjustable speed control that allows me to choose the best speed for the specific type of bag I am sealing. It also has a seal indicator light that tells me when the bag is sealed.

The best thing about this vacuum sealer is that it is easy to use. It has a one-button operation that makes it simple to use. I also appreciate that it comes with an extra-long power cord so I can vacuum seal bags wherever I am.

The vacuum sealer is also reasonably priced, making it a great value for the money. It is also made of high-quality materials, so I know it will last for a long time.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of the best handheld vacuum sealer on the market. It is reliable, easy to use and reasonably priced. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a powerful and efficient vacuum sealer.

How to choose best handheld vacuum sealer consumer reports

As a frequent home chef, I’m always looking for ways to make food prep and storage easier. One of the most useful kitchen gadgets I’ve come across is a handheld vacuum sealer. This versatile tool is perfect for preserving food and locking in flavors, while also saving time and space. But with so many models on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

Fortunately, there are a few key things to consider when searching for the best handheld vacuum sealer. First, look for one with a powerful suction that can effectively seal bags and containers. You’ll also want to consider the size of the device. Some are designed for larger containers, while others are smaller and more suitable for home use. Additionally, be sure to check if the sealer is dishwasher-safe and how easy it is to clean.

Another important factor to consider is the battery life of the vacuum sealer. You’ll want to look for one with a long-lasting battery or one that is rechargeable. Additionally, you’ll want to take a look at how many sealing options it has. Some models come with options for both dry and moist foods, as well as one-touch sealing.

To narrow down the list of options even further, I suggest looking at consumer reviews. Consumer Reports is a great resource for getting honest feedback from real customers. Reviews are incredibly helpful when it comes to making an informed decision. This is especially true when it comes to the quality of the vacuum sealer. The reviews will let you know if it’s well-made and if it lives up to its expectations.

All in all, choosing the best handheld vacuum sealer can be a daunting task. But by following these simple tips, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that suits your needs. So, take your time and find the model that’s perfect for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What is the best handheld vacuum sealer?
Answer: The best handheld vacuum sealer according to Consumer Reports is the FoodSaver V4440 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer.

FAQ 2: How does a handheld vacuum sealer work?
Answer: A handheld vacuum sealer works by removing air and creating a vacuum-tight seal around the food to keep it fresh. The device uses a vacuum pump to draw out the air and then heat-seals the bag shut.

FAQ 3: Are handheld vacuum sealers safe?
Answer: Yes, handheld vacuum sealers are safe to use. Many models come with a number of safety features such as automatic shut-off and a cool-touch exterior to ensure a safe and secure seal.


After testing out the best handheld vacuum sealer consumer reports has to offer, I am thoroughly impressed. It is lightweight and easy to use and I can quickly and efficiently seal items for storage. I love that I can now keep food and other items fresh for longer without having to worry about freezer burn. The vacuum sealer is very simple to use, and I can easily adjust the settings for different types of items I’m sealing. The best part is I can also use it to store items in an airtight container to keep them from spoiling. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy and effective way to store items for longer periods of time.